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Romahome Motorhomes

Romahome Motorhomes

Romahome is a familiar name to enthusiasts for compact motorhomes and its products enjoy a strong following with consequent high demand for new and used models.  Now part of the Southampton-based Freeborn Group which operates motor home centres in Hampshire and Surrey as well as several Citroen car and van franchises, Romahome started manufacture of its own brand 30 years ago.

Some of those original Romahomes with demountable bodies fitted to small pick-ups are still giving sterling service but by 1986 Romahome found a permanent home for itself on Citroen chassis. It first used the Citroen C15 as its base vehicle and the bodies became permanent mounts on the chassis. This was such a popular model that even today examples are still keenly sought.  The modern Romahome range embraces the R10 Solo, R20 Hi and Lo variants, the R25, R30, and R40, giving a broad spread of models appealing to many different user types. But one thing they all have in common is the regularity with which they win awards – Romahome itself was Motorhome Manufacturer of the Year in 2009.

Some of the staff at Romahome have been there throughout the 30 years of operation, Brian Bailey among them.

“The secret of our success is our quality,” explains Brian. “Many of our people have experience in the boatbuilding industry, where quality is second to none This has helped mould their expertise so that we can apply it to our rot-proof GRP bodies, too. Other firms have tried to mimic our products but the fact that we are the only one still manufacturing proves how good we are.”