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Fill in a simple form in just 5 minutes and compare prices from leading motorhome insurers. You can choose the policy features you need and see prices for all levels of cover.

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What are the benefits of Auto Trader Motorhome Insurance?

Fast and simple quote comparison

Getting a motorhome insurance quote through Auto Trader Motorhome Insurance lets you quickly and easily compare a wide range of insurance policies.

Compare prices for your motorhome insurance now
Compare Policy Features and Price

On our results page, you can compare at a glance, the policy cost and features for motorhome insurance from leading motorhome insurers, including excess costs, instalment costs and awning cover.

Compare prices for your motorhome insurance now
Email and Text Confirmations of Your Best Quote

Once you've gone through the motorhome insurance quotes process, you can save and retrieve your best deals online and, to ensure you have a record of your best quote, we'll even email and text you the details.

Compare prices for your motorhome insurance now
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With Auto Trader Motorhome Insurance you have the option of comparing quotes online 24/7 or by calling one of our friendly, helpful consultants on 0800 0810 169

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Or compare prices for your motorhome insurance now

Frequently asked questions

No, we simply provide you with the means to compare motorhome insurance brokers and give you the option to buy your policy direct from any one of them on the results page.

Yes, many of our brokers allow you to buy your policy online immediately. Our results page also gives you telephone numbers for the insurance brokers if you would prefer to buy over the phone.

Yes, you will be emailed a quote confirmation that contains your quote reference number. If you are not ready to buy your policy yet, you can use these to recall your quote, easily change details of your quote and then get new prices. If you haven't bought your motorhome yet, its quick and easy to come back and change your quote when you've bought the motorhome.

Many of our insurance brokers provide real time pricing so insurance prices can change from day to day. If you are not ready to buy your policy today we recommend you recall your quote and re run the comparison on the day you are buying it, to ensure you get current prices from all the insurance brokers.

Auto Trader Motorhome Insurance will show you quotes for both Comprehensive and Third Party cover so you can choose which is right for you. You should always check the exact cover provided by brokers.


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