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Guide to selling your Motorhome


Presentation is key. Properly cleaning your motorhome can add hundreds of pounds of value to your motorhome.

Clean everything inside & out. Stock up on some decent heavy duty shampoo & polish (don't use washing up liquid as it smears) and add lots of elbow grease. Your motorhome should look immaculate to potential buyers.

Sell your motorhome


Selling a motorhome can be a daunting prospect, but by knowing what to expect, you can avoid being caught out by experienced hagglers, time wasters or criminals. Follow these steps to make sure you're not caught out.

Buyers will probably be keen to haggle on your asking price. You need to be firm, without being unreasonable; set a price beforehand and keep it in your head during negotiations. While this price in your mind should be the lowest you're prepared to sell the car for, don't decline a sale over a �50 difference in your lowest and their highest offer. It'll cost you far more in re-advertising fees, time and hassle.

Sell your motorhome

The Sale

In an ideal world, you'd be paid cash during office hours which you'd pay in immediately, but this isn't always possible. If you do receive cash, try to get it handed over in a bank, so you can pay it in immediately and the cashier can check for fake notes. If your buyer gives you cash outside banking hours, pay it in as soon as possible.

A far better way is electronic transfer. It allows you to transfer funds online, but it can take a few days, so don't release the car until the bank tells you the funds have been successfully transferred.

Personal cheques and bank or building society cheques can cause problems. Personal cheques can be cancelled or issued without the available funds in the account, so if you've already handed over the motorhome , you could be left seriously out of pocket. Despite common belief, bank or building society cheques aren't as good as cash; forged cheques are common.

Other precautions you can take include:

Sell your motorhome


Once the deal has been sealed you will need to write a receipt to the buyer acknowledging the following;

Make two copies of the receipt; one for you and one for the buyer. The most important thing for you to do next is to fill transfer ownership; this ensures you won't be liable for any fines racked up after the sale.

Finally hand over any other relevant documentation such as:

Sell your motorhome